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ICE UK is a London based manufacturer of high quality eco- friendly cleaning materials. Our stringent production methods and processes always ensure the highest quality products. With our vast variety of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are certain to benefit your needs, we have the solution to suit you regardless of your trade.

The wide variety of products that we provide does not compromise on the quality of the individual solutions. If it is trade specific products that you require, feel free to contact our experienced sales team now to help match your needs.

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Discover the advantages
of our Super
concentrated products
- Bulk Space

Create more space in
your warehouse by using
our super concentrated

+ Efficiency

Maintain a higher level of
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our super concentrated
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Industrial Chemicals Equipment

cleaning products

It is critical to control the chemical balance in pools to prevent pathogens from thriving. When the pools chemical balance is incorrect the filtering system will become damaged, resulting in cloudy water where bacteria can thrive and potentially cause skin and eye irritation.

floor cleaning detergents

ICE UK floor maintenance products are a range of high performance cleaning chemicals for industrial and commercial use. We believe that the best way to maximize value to our customers is through environmentally friendly methods to cut down on transport and storage space with our new super concentrated formula, resulting in only the highest standards of appearance and cleanliness.


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